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What’s the role you dream about?

The next one. The most important role is always the one you’re about to face.

What’s keep you down to earth?
My family, my friends…what’s important is to not throw away what you have.
People get in trouble when they become someone else. So you lose the
people you care about. It’s like I have a double life: the old one that
is still the same, and this one as an actor which allows me to travel
and to see girls with my name tattooed on their arms. At home my life is
normal like everyone else’s.

This doesn’t seem to bother you
At all. I won’t change my situation for nothing in the world.

What do you like about women (except tattoos)?
Loyalty. My ideal woman should be honest and sincere. I have to trust my woman.

Have you ever “shared” a woman with a friend?
Fortunately no, at least not until now.

Who do you asks advices?
People I trust: my friends and my parents.

Do you like to take risks ad an actor?
Absolutely. An actor can hazard without jeopardizing his real life so you should
take any risks possible. I admire Jacob for being who he is: a man who
never quits and stands for what he believes in. I know people prefer
Edward and I can understand that, he’s a really nice guy.

If you can choose movies to express your personality, which ones would you choose?
For my romantic part I’d choose The Notebook, for my fighting side I’d
choose The Gladiator. I really like super heroes movies like Batman or
Spider Man. I recently discovered Iron Man thanks to the wonderful
interpretation by Robert Downey Jr.

Is acting “your road”?
Now I’m happy to be an actor. I’d probably be an athlete right now but
acting involves both physics and psychology, so I can try so many
different things. I like to write too and, who knows, maybe someday I
can direct someone in a movie. But it’s too soon to talk about it.

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