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Nu har jag fixat lite på Robert bloggen. Ni som fortfarande går in här och är intresserade av Rob kan ju följa den istället. Även Lina F ska blogga där, så det kommer bli mer uppdatering!

Klicka på bilden eller här för att komma till min fräsha nya blogg!

Ny blogg..

Har vunnit en Robert design till min nystartade blogg om Rob, så kommer inte blogga här något mer. 
(Som ni märker också går det inte så bra här på bloggen.. Har lixom gått upp och ner och det har funnits massor av problem, etc.)
Dock skulle jag mer än gärna behöva en delägare som hjälper till att blogga! För som ni själva ser blir det inte så mycket när man bara är en och är upptagen.. 

Så, någon som också vill blogga om den här underbara Robert Pattinson?

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Dagens citat (+skämt)

Ew. Someone put the dog out.
Rosalie Hale, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 16, p.323

Ny EW outtake på Kris & Tay!

Jätte söta :D

Nya t-shirts hos CDON.com!

Vad tycks? :D

Håller dock med dom på TTS, de borde skaffa fler bilder på the couples! T.ex Jasper & Alice, Victoria & Riley. Etc.

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Ny still på Edward - uuuunderbar! ♥

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Btw, fortfarande ingen som vill gästblogga här Söndag-Tisdag/Onsdag? Ska som sagt till Stockholm, tar med datorn men kan inte lova att jag får tillgång till internet..

MTV förklarar om Breaking Dawn premiären


Last month, as ”The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” got off to a stellar (if not record-breaking) start at the box office, MTV News squashed the widely held assumption that the second part of ”Breaking Dawn” would definitely arrive in the summer of 2012. As Summit Entertainment exec Richie Fay told us, the studio was exploring multiple dates in mid- to late-2012, not just possible openings that would fall when school’s out of session.


Now, Summit has officially announced that ”Breaking Dawn, Part 2″ will open November 2012, and with that, another assumption seems to be taking hold among fans and on the Web: After ”Eclipse” failed to wildly out-gross ”New Moon” at the box office, Summit got spooked about a summer release date and fled to more familiar autumn territory. But based on our conversations with Summit and box-office analysts, that’s simply not the case.

First off, it’s important to note that despite all this talk about a weaker-than-expected performance for ”Eclipse,” its $289 million haul will eventually surpass the $297 million that ”New Moon” pulled in last fall, according to Box Office Mojo.

When you consider that sequels like ”Shrek Forever After” and ”Sex and the City 2″ underperformed in the crowded summer movie season, Summit has got to be extremely pleased with the box-office business of ”Eclipse.” So if it’s not a fear of summer that persuaded Summit to deliver both ”Breaking Dawn” films in the fall, then what was it? A careful examination of the 2012 summer calendar.

”The lesson is that it’s all about positioning a film at a time when it will face as little direct competition as possible,” explained Phil Contrino, editor of BoxOffice.com. ”Summit was wise to stay away from Summer 2012, because it’s shaping up to be a record-breaking season.”

”The Avengers,” ”Madagascar 3″ and ”Men in Black 3″ are all set to drop that May, followed by ”Star Trek 2″ in June, and then new installments of ”Spider-Man” (which already occupies the Fourth of July slot held this year by ”Eclipse”), ”Ice Age” and ”Batman.”

”Why compete with an amazing slate like that if you don’t have to?” Contrino added. ”I’m sure ”Breaking Dawn, Part 2″ would still open very well during a summer that crowded, but its audience would be devoured very quickly.”

The point, then, is not that summer is a poor time in which to release a ”Twilight” film but that fall simply presents less competition, which is not to say that there will be no box-office battle in autumn. ”Breaking Dawn, Part I” is set to open against ”Happy Feet 2″ on November 18, 2011, while the second in the two-part finale will compete with ”Monsters Inc. 2″ on November 16, 2012. But when you consider the more jam-packed summer season and the fact that an entire year will have passed between ”Twilight” flicks — as opposed to the eight months between ”New Moon” and ”Eclipse” — the fall 2012 release date makes perfect sense.

”There’s a mood and spirit to these movies that make them play really well in the fall. They’re darker, they’re more emotional than standard summer fare, and thematically, fall is a great fit,” said John Singh, a box-office analyst for Flixster. ”It also allows the audience to build even greater anticipation — rather than seeing the follow-up just a few months later. This gives them a full year to anticipate the final film in a series that has generated hugely positive response from its fanbase.”

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Ny video med när Robert sjunger

Jag älskar hans röst. Den är så speciell och så vacker.
Någon annan som också tycker att han ska släppa skiva?

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Kristen Stewart - 4 nya EW outtakes.

Vacker som vanligt..

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Eclipse Ringtones!

Chris Weitz släppte ju massor av mp3 ringtones från new moon! Bla. När Edward läser Romeo & Julia.
Nu har David Slade gjort samma sak dock med Eclipse! Thank you säger jag bara!! :D Ska definitivt ladda ner alla och raka vägen in i min mobil! ;)

Jasper & Alice- Long version My apologies mam (26 sec)


Edward & Bella-Always be my Bella (26 sec)


Bella-There's nothing I am ever going to want more than Edward (7 sec)


Bella & Wolfpack-Wish Bella would call (18 sec)


Carlisle-Our kind is never more physically powerful (7 sec)


Charlie & Bella-OMG Dad...I'm a virgin (13 sec)


Jacob & Bella-WOW Chief Jacob (22 sec)


Edward & Jacob-If you ever touch her against her will again (12 sec)


Edward-Doesn't he own a shirt (5 sec)


Edward-(proposal) Isabella Swan, I promise to love you (12 sec)


Edward & Bella-Stop trying to take your clothes off (6 sec)


Bella-Fire and ice (27 sec)


Jacob-(Imprint)When you see her everything changes (28 sec)


Jacob & Edward-(tent) If we weren't natural enemies, I might like you (1:11)


Jasper & Emmett-Don't hold back...Not in my nature (7 sec)


Jasper-short version My apologies mam (6 sec)


Jasper-The 2 most important things to remember (21 sec)


Jasper-Never lose focus (7 sec)


Jasper-Never turn your back on your enemy (7 sec)


Alice & Jasper-After all how many times are we going to graduate high school (6 sec)


Jasper-Newborn speech to wolfpack (31 sec)


Jacob & Bella- long version Jacob kiss me, I'm asking you to kiss me (41 sec)


Edward & Bella-long version I would have courted you...(52 sec)


Jacob & wolfpack-short version Maybe I should call Bella & hang up (9 sec)


Riley- long version What do you want? (27 sec)


Riley- short version What do you want? (7 sec)


Jacob, Edward, & Bella-Team Switzerland (17 sec)


Edward & Bella-Now we have to tell Charlie...good thing you're bulletproof (45 sec)

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Dagens grymma bild

KristenS hade denna som dagens bild, tänkte ha det jag med. Älskar bilderna från denna photoshooten. :)

Kristen är en av de högst betalade skådespelerskorna

Forbes har skrivit om årets högst betalade skådespelerskor, och Kristen är med!
Hon har tjänat ungefär 12 miljoner dollar(ca 86 miljoner kronor!!) och hamnar på plats nummer 10!

Så här skriver Forbes:
The 20-year-old Stewart is recognizable to teens around the world as Bella, the human caught between a vampire and a werewolf in the Twilight series. The movies have so far earned $1.6 billion at the box office and made Stewart a star. She stretched her wings this year with the rock biopic The Runaways, playing Joan Jett.

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Inget TCA för Kristen?!!!!! :/

There has been much speculation about whether Kristen Stewart will be joining Robert Pattinson at Fox’s Teen Choice Awards on August 9, which is being co-hosted by Katy Perry and the “Glee” guys.
Gossip Cop inquired, and we finally have the answer...
Stewart will NOT be at the Teen Choices Awards.
A rep for the actress says, “She is away shooting On The Road.”

Men neeej, hon måste vara där! :( Hon kan väl iaf ta ledigt EN dag?

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Breaking dawn del 2 kommer ut 16 November 2012(2012?!!!!!!)
Äntligen kan man ju på sätt och vis säga för att vi fått ett datum, men ändå inte.. ETT HELT ÅRS SKILLNAD!!!! Det är sjukt otroligt mycket mer än vad jag trodde!

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Dagens citat

"I'm really afraid of getting hit by cars, like terrified of it. I'm terrified of crossing streets. I'm also very accident-prone...I think people aim for me."
- Robert Pattinson

Kristen & Kellan kommer också på TCA 2010!! :D:D

Yay :D 

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YRB Magazine - Alex Meraz


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Rachelle i Tail Magazine!

Rachelle (aka. gamla Victoria) Har gjort en intervju med Tail Magazine.
Läs värd!

Globally recognized as Victoria from the best-selling Twilight phenomenon, actress Rachelle Lefevre is helping animals, both wild and domestic, in the United States and Canada. As the face of Puppies Aren’t Products, a campaign spearheaded by Best Friends Animal Society focused on battling puppy mills and irresponsible breeding, the Canadian-born beauty has her sights set on bringing an end to the plight of homeless pets.

How did you first become involved with animal rescue?
My mother is a psychologist, and when I was 15 years old she called me from her office and said one of her patients had shown up with a dog. [The woman] lived in an apartment where the people next door were cocaine users. They would leave their door open, and sometimes the dog would get into the cocaine and end up getting out of the apartment and wander around in a stupor. One day she found the dog in the middle of the street looking kind of dazed. She couldn’t stand it any more so she took the dog. She was on her way to see my mother and told my mom the story. My mom called me from her office, and asked, “Do you want this dog?” And we took her in.

I became active in rescue and adoption when I met my manager. She got me my first membership to Best Friends as a Christmas gift and made a donation in my name. The donation came with a magazine subscription, and I started reading it. It’s thanks to her that I’ve become interested in participating on a larger scale.

Can you explain the Puppies Aren’t Products Campaign? Why did you decide to become involved, and what is your role?
When I started reading about what Best Friends was doing at their sanctuary in Kanab, I was amazed by their larger goal: that there shouldn’t be any homeless pets.
The first step [of the Puppies Aren’t Products campaign] is to have a no-kill shelter to eliminate the existence of a shelter where they euthanize animals. The second step is shutting down puppy mills to stop the cruel over-breeding that brings new animals into the world when there are plenty who need homes. The third step is to encourage people to rescue or adopt when they look for a pet. If we were able to implement these three steps, we would live in a world where there were no homeless pets. It’s so simple of a concept.

What myth is that?
There are a lot of them. There is a myth that there are dogs [in shelters] who are aggressive or who have some sort of a traumatic past that you’re going to rehabilitate in some capacity. There are also dogs who are not spayed or neutered. I’m also working on debunking the myth that the only dogs you can get in shelters are all sick. People should know that chances are your dog’s going to have a little something. If you put them all in a shelter together, dogs get things from each other. The truth is, you go to the vet for your first check-up anyway when you get a dog, and the vet gives you a little bit of penicillin. You give your dog the penicillin for a week or two, and they’re fine.
When we rescued my dog, Honey, they pointed out a couple of things on her skin and on her lips that they weren’t sure about, and they said, “We think this is this, but we don’t know exactly, and you’ll have to take her to the vet and get her checked out.” We didn’t know how sick she was going to be, but we had some idea that we were volunteering for anything. We had the luxury of knowing that we could afford treatment if she got sick. Not everybody can. Medical bills for dogs are expensive, and you want to ensure you’ve got a healthy dog. If you have the luxury of being able to afford to care for a dog who needs extra care, then go for it. It is unbelievably rewarding.

Do you currently have any dogs?
When Honey died, the best way we thought to honor her would be to rescue a couple more, so we went to a shelter in East L.A., and we got two amazing dogs. We have a Cocker Spaniel named Mama Bear and a Miniature Poodle/Jack Russell mix named Jack Sprat like the nursery rhyme.

Do you bring your pets with you on set?
When I was filming in Dallas, I brought Honey with me, and I had her on set, but I haven’t traveled with Jack or Mama Bear for a couple of reasons. Number one, my boyfriend, Jamie, happens to be in L.A. right now, so we don’t travel with them unless we have to. They have their routines, and they’re so happy at home. They hike every day. To take them to hotel living with just regular walks wouldn’t be as much fun for them. The other reason is Mama Bear is too heavy. She exceeds the weight limit [for riding in plane cabins], and I absolutely refuse to put her in the cargo hold. I would really encourage people, unless you’re moving overseas, unless it’s a one-time deal and you cannot avoid it—please, for the love of God—do not put your dog in the cargo hold. They are traumatized. The temperature down there is freezing, it’s terrifying for them, and it’s so unbelievably noisy.

When you’re not filming, what do you and your dogs do for fun?
Hike. They love to, and it’s great for them. L.A. is perfect because there are canyons and hikes and trails everywhere filled with other dogs. They are social as well, so I like to take them to dog parks. We do play dates, too. It’s like having kids. My favorite thing is family wrestle. Jamie and I get on the floor with the two of them, and we all just kind of throw each other around. It’s our playtime.

Do you have any vacation plans this summer that involve your dogs?
We were thinking about renting an RV and going to different parts of the U.S.—just doing some sort of a trip where we can take the dogs hiking and camping.

How do you see your role within the animal-welfare community growing?
When I signed on to be the [Best Friends] spokesperson, I knew that I would commit to talking about [Puppies Aren’t Products] as much as possible and always try to be as educated as possible. One of the things that I’m trying to do a little more, especially when I’m not working, is local outreach and being physically present at events and adoptions—trying to participate on a smaller scale as well as a large scale. It helps support the local chapters and local outreach.
I’ve really started to relish the chance to go to local events and get involved at a grassroots level. I love meeting people who are so committed and relentless in their efforts; who dedicate unbelievable amounts of their time. I really admire their tenacity. I’ve also been working with the Humane Society of the United Sates (HSUS) to try to stop the Canadian seal hunt.

What was it about the seal hunt that spoke to you?
The HSUS got my attention because I’m a Canadian, and so they approached me saying, “Did you know that this is going on in your country?” And I didn’t, and it’s the largest mammal slaughter in the world. They asked if I was interested in becoming involved and I told them I was. Now, I try to stay in touch with what’s going on and raise awareness that this is happening.
I’ve tried to be involved [with animal rescue] as much as I can just because I think it’s so important. I think the way we treat our animals is a sign of a healthy society. In many, many ways, we’re not doing so well. We need to get better.

Do you think it’s helpful to have a familiar face, a celebrity, to promote your causes?
Thanks to the Twilight franchise, I am definitely known as an actor a lot more than I was before, but it’s not like I’m some big, über-famous movie star. I’m not the most high-profile person around by a long shot, and so I hope that one of the things that shows is that you don’t need the celebrity to be able to get involved; you don’t need to have 200,000 Twitter followers to do something. You just have to do, famous or not. You just give your time. You give your five bucks. Whatever it is, just do.

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Fyfan vad lika dom var!

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Dagens bilder



Grr på Kellan & Robert :D
Tycker dock inte att Taylor är speciellt snygg..

(Bildkälla: TTS)

Det finns även fler bilder här!

Nya *Skit snygga!* bilder på Kellan

Här kommer några underbaaaara bilder på Kellan Lutz från en Eclipse presskonferens!

Goshhh, he's a real hottie..

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Kristen Stewart: My mum loves vampires!

Kristen Stewart’s mum is a vampire-lover. Jules Mann-Stewart, who was born in Australia, is a script supervisor and has always supported Kristen’s acting roles – but is a particular fan of Twilight.

‘Are you kidding me? She loves vampires!’ Kristen tells The Mirror. ‘She was a history major at school and really got into Vlad The Impaler, the man behind the myth.

‘But yeah, she loves vampires and pirates.’She’s into really cool stuff.’ Kristen, 20, has previously revealed that she and her mum are very close.

Bild på Robert & Kristens mamma.

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Fan gjorda Coca cola-Robert bilder!

Haha, söt han är. xd


Boka Remember me fraktfritt på CDON!

Nu kan man boka Remember me Frakt fritt på CDON!
Det kostar 149,- för filmen (199,- för blu-ray)

Klicka på bilden för att komma dit ni kan boka!

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Bilder från New moon Inspelningen!

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Fan art. (Breaking dawn spoiler!)

Här kommer några underbara fan art bilder!

Super fina!

Nya bilder på Kristens katt Max/Jella

Han heter egentligen Max, men kallas för Jella! Vilken söting!

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Rob pratar om Breaking Dawn

Premiere of Twilight Saga: Eclipse at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California.  - Russ Einhorn / Splash News
Robert Pattinson has revealed that he is looking forward to a “pillow-biting” sex scene with his co-star Kristen Stewart in new Twilight movieBreaking Dawn.

In the fourth and final film adaptation of the vampire saga, the pair share heated sex scenes and Pattinson, 24, revealed his excitement about the intimate scenes.

Pattinson, dubbed R-Pattz by fans, told Access Hollywood: ‘I’m looking forward to the pillow-biting scene.

‘I thought that was so funny, of all the random things too do, really? He bites the pillow.’

Stewart, whose character Bella Swan has a baby in the new movie, added: ‘It does actually literally get more physical [in Breaking Dawn].

‘It doesn’t get more action-packed… [But] they definitely get more physical – well, they get married…

‘We totally have sex – finally!’

”Jag ser framemot scenen med kudden och bitandet.”

”Jag tyckte det var så roligt, av alla saker som man kan göra  så biter han en kudde!”

”Det blir inte mera aktion än tidigare men mycket mera fysiskt, vi gifter oss…”

”Vi kommer ha sex – äntligen!”

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Söker Gästbloggare

Okej, nu är det så att jag har ganska fullt upp om dagarna, och nästa helg ska jag iväg till Stockholm och en gästbloggare hade inte varit fel!
Så om du vill gästblogga på WoT, Skriv en kommentar(Helst lite om hur gammal du är, hur mycket du kommer uppdatera etc.)

Så säger jag till när jag pratat med personen och sånt!


Nytt klipp från Vampire Sucks

Tältscenen i Eclipse

Edward är så himla underbar .. ♥

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TTS tävling!

Kinga på Thetwilightsaga.se har dragit igång en tävling!
De flesta som kollar runt på twilight bloggar vet nog vem hon är, hon gör jätte fina handmålade skor & Handgjorda smycken! Ibland med twilight motiv!

Och nu har man chansen att finna ett par skor med ett valfritt motiv.
Det är så, att hon ska starta en webshop.(Vilket hon borde gjort för länge sedan för hon är sjukt begåvad! ^^)
Och hon behöver hjälp med att komma på ett namn!

Klicka på bilden eller här för att komma till tävlingen!

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