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Moviefone Unscripted Klipp!

HAHA, verkligen värda att se!

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Ny Eclipse parodi!

Haha älskar deras parodier :D Längre ner hittar ni deras New Moon Parodi, Skit rolig! xD

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The visual effects in The Twilight saga: Eclipse

Collider har intervjuat Eric Leven som var chef över special effekterna i Eclipse!
Han pratar om New Moon-vargarna vs. Eclipse-vargarna, om Breaking Dawn m.m.

Eric Leven Visual Effects Supervisor on THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.

* 1:15 – How involved was he in the visual effects on New Moon and Eclipse
* 2:00 – Why were the effects in Eclipse so much better than New Moon
* 3:00 – Explains that David Slade was not a fan of the Wolf effects in New Moon and how it was different in Eclipse
* 3:55 – Did they have more time on Eclipse for the effects
* 4:45 – David Slade talk and what a director does…
* 5:25 – Explains how Chris Weitz on New Moon wanted the wolves eyes to have almost human eyes and how Phil Tippet was against that decision. Goes on to explain how on Eclipse they wanted to make them wolf eyes and how everyone was on board with that decision…except Stephenie Meyers.
* 6:40 – How long do they have for the effects work
* 7:45 – Do they use off the shelf software or is it proprietary software. They have a special fur tool
* 8:30 – How big is the studio? How many people work there?
* 9:00 – What was the most challenging part of Eclipse and did they have one shot that took forever
* 10:40 – Are they working on Breaking Dawn
* 11:30 – Have they already pitched Summit on how they’d do the effects in Breaking Dawn
* 13:30 – What else are they working on. Talks about Priest, Cats and Dogs 2, Immortals
* 14:30 – What work did they do on Priest and has he seen the footage. With the film going 3D, how did that change things
* 16:30 – We talk about post converted 3D
* 17:30 – Tarsem and Immortals talk
* 18:10 – What is he working on right now
* 18:40 – Does he have hard core Twilight fans in his life
* 19:20 – Talks about the crew collectibles for Twilight New Moon and Eclipse – talks about how many they made and who gets them

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New moon parodi: Dark moon!

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Tecknad spiderpattz & spiderlautner!

Det ska föreställa bla Robert, Taylor och Zac Efron när de är på audition för Spiderman.
Hoppas att ni tycker att den är lika rolig som jag tyckte :p
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