Robert Pattinson intervju

What scene in New Moon left a nice memory to you?
Probably the Volterra scene, where I have to step into the light. There were many extras and many fans there. Some fans traveled across the world to be there.
Why was it so important?
I felt a huge sense of responsibility, being in front of so many that are so obsessed with this story. It was nerve wrecking, but I never felt closer to the character before this.

What about the scene where your character leaves Bella?
It was strange, but the fans helped.To them, Bella and Edward’s relationship is ideal. You can feel the weight of the pressure.


Is there anything you have in common with Edward?
I guess. Sometimes I can be very dumb too. And I’m very possessive and obsessive like him.


Has your life style changed a lot? How do you feel when you finally have the chance to leave the studio and live real life?
That is the problem. I never leave the set. Since January 14th I’ve been to three different movie sets. I only had 3 days off. I can’t really say if my life has changed that much because I’m still inside a studio, and I will be next year too. But I feel like I’m the same person. Don’t know if that’s a good thing.

Are you a very romantic person?
When I saw the movie Titanic I didn’t think it was a movie just for women. The only romantic thing I ever did was hide flowers for a girl, she thought it was another guy and he didn’t correct her, so that didn’t turn out very good for me (he can’t stop laughing now).
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