Rob is team Jacob?

Robert Pattinson talks to Penny Smith about stunts, press attention and vampires on GMTV.

"In the Twilight Saga, Jacob Black is his character's biggest rival for Bella's love. As Edward, he gets the girl in the end, but is Robert Pattinson on Team Jacob in real life?!

Rob gave an interview to British news outfit GMTV, who asked him which character he thought was best for Bella. And his answer will leave you howling!

RPattz revealed that he always hated the couples in high school that isolated themselves and lost all their friends — the kind of relationship that he said Edward and Bella have!

So does that mean he's on Team Jacob? Of course, the interviewer doesn't have the brains to ask, but we're pretty sure we know what he's saying — he may be a vampire, but RPattz was rooting for Jacob!"
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