New moon Goofs!

La inte ut alla misstagen eftersom det va så många, utan tryck här för att se alla!
While Bella and Edward are embracing each other right after they met up in Volterra and are interrupted, Edward's body is not completely "whited-out", only his face is. This is going on the entire time he is speaking to someone in the Volturi. His face is extremely pale, but his neck and abdomen are the color of a human being.

Continuity: After fighting with the Volturi, Edward's robe changes between being tied closed and completely open.

Revealing mistakes: In the scene in Bella's bedroom after Edward's return, the camera shakes as if someone has bumped into it.

Continuity: In the scene when Bella first joins her friends at the table in the school cafeteria after her long depression, as she is talking to Mike, if you look at her hair by her left ear, you can see a bobby pin that may have fallen out of her hair piece or is just not hidden well. When the scenes changes to Mike and then back to Bella the bobby pin is gone.

Continuity: During the scene where Charlie is telling Bella she is going back to Jacksonville because of her depression, the part in Bella's hair changes slightly between shots.

Continuity: Bella's hair color changes frequently. In some shots it is clearly black, whilst in others it is Bella's normal brown.

Revealing mistakes: When Bella is talking to Jake in the rain, only the front of her jacket is wet.

Revealing mistakes: When Jacob tries to wipe the blood from Bella's head with his shirt, the blood doesn't smear or run at all, as if it was painted on or drawn on with a marker.

Continuity: Bella and Alice's relative height changes frequently throughout the movie. (Bella is supposed to be taller than Alice, but Ashley Greene is taller than Kristen Stewart.)

Revealing mistakes: In Port Angeles, Bella is riding on the back of a motorcycle. When there is an overhead view of the bike speeding down the street, it is obvious there is only a driver and no back passenger.


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