Julia Jones/Leah om Eclipse

Twilight actress Julia Jones can’t wait for Eclipse to come out, and neither can fans of the Twilight movies. In part two of our exclusive interview at The Grove in Los Angeles with Julia as she shopped for her cast members, she talked about her favorite scene in New Moon and what we’ll learn about her character in the third installment of the Twilight Saga.
As the only female member of the Wolf Pack, she distinguishes herself not with a pink bow on her wolf, but tells us her wolf “is smaller than the other boys and it’s light gray.” She said that the boy wolves are “huge!”
Just like the guy wolves and the vampires, Julia had some tough physical scenes while filming Eclipse.  As she filmed her scenes of becoming a werewolf she described jumping up and landing on a mattress for the action.   “I realized after 18 takes that I was landing on the ground and I had dirt on my chin.  I couldn’t lift my arms for four days!”

Julia, who is currently starring in the Los Angeles play Palestine, New Mexico, told RadarOnline.com's Alexis Tereszcuk about what the cast ate at craft services and what they did during their down time while filmingEclipse.  “We ate a lot of chocolate, anything round that was throwable.”  Julia said that Taylor Lautner has the best aim out of the bunch and “it got very competitive, how many grapes or chocolates could you get in someone’s mouth.”


Julia also described that she thinks the theme of Eclipse is immortality.  “New Moon is about heartbreak.  Eclipseis about immortality.”



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