Intervju med Ash

Här kommer en intervju med Ash, dock på engelska!

On the fans…

Instantly we have this fan base, instantly we have these careers and people know who we are,” says the actress, 22, who likened the rush to “instant happiness. … People now actually care about what projects I’m in.

On David Slade…

[he] is definitely different from Catherine (Hardwicke) and Chris (Weitz). He is technically the most specific director that I’ve ever worked with.” Greene says fans of the franchise should expect Slade to “bring a darker element to this film. He seems to kind of specialize in that.”

On her new movie Skateland and the premier at Sundance…

The fact that we’re going to Sundance is a validity factor for an actor doing something you’re passionate about.

On landing the lead in The Apparition, a big-budget Warner Bros. thriller being produced by The Matrix’s Joel Silver…

To be the lead in my own box-office film is just another step,” Greene says. “A couple of days before, I probably won’t be able to sleep, but I’m not even nervous about it now. … I’m just like one of those giddy girls who wants to make sure everything is perfect for the first day of school. I’ve already planned a week (before filming begins in Berlin) to turn off my cellphone and just focus.



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