Charlie Bewley om Eclipse

Charlie Bewlwy berättar om Eclipse!
ÅÅh, jag vill se den filmen nu - spricker av väntan!
Charlie Bewley, who plays Volturi vampire Demetri in Twilight Saga: New Moonand Eclipse, says the next installment is set to be very different than the first two films.

Speaking exclusively to, Charlie revealed that director David Slade is going to add a nasty tone to the vampire love story.

He told us: “David is a master of mood. Eclipse has this different mood about it, it’s dark and vicious. You get to see the brutal nature of vampires and what they are really capable of, which is something we haven’t really seen in the first two movies.”

And the star told us David works very differently to New Moon director Chris Weitz.

He said: “They are very different directors. David understands what each scene needs [to create the dark mood] – absolute fine tuning. He might stop the scene halfway through and just tweak something before saying: ‘Go back, say that word again and I want you to put the emphasis on that’. 

“It’s very controlled and when I was on set I found myself not being able to be as theatrically elaborate as I was with Chris’ film. But that’s exactly why David has been brought on board - to make this a more real film. Eclipse is going to be more real.”


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